VACATION TIME ON FAIAL - a trip made for you without retreatprogram

Do you need, like, want a trip without a retreat offer?

Just for you, together, or with friends or family?


Then come to FAIAL!


  • If you indicate your wishes, a trip can be made for you.
  • With a stay at Faial island.
  • A suitable accommodation location will be booked for you there
  • On a date that suits you for the number of days you wish.
  • With the option of dropping you off and picking you up from the island's sights.
  • With explanation about the island and the sights.
  • Tips for restaurants, museums, nature places.
  • With the possibility of a day trip to Pico.
  • With transport from the airport or boat to the accommodation location.
  • With advice about how to travel to and on the other islands.
  • Boat and flight tickets between the islands can be booked for you
  • Advise about booking your flight ticket to Faial.
  • After receiving a quote, making adjustments, and you being satisfied,
  • to book this vacation!


More about Faial

More about Pico


Please feel free to contact us, sending an email, or call without obligation. We can talk about your wishes by phone.