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The second largest of the 9 Azorian islands, with a length of 47 km and width 16 km. Named after the Pico, the largest mountain in Portugal, with a height of 2351 meters. The mountain that defines the island: large, strong, powerfully present.



Pico, where the black lavafields with the green of the vineyards and the red earthpaths provide beautiful color contrasts. Where the green meadows with many cows and small green groves give a beautiful view.

The vulcanic fertile soil, where all kinds of fruits and vegetables grow abundantly.. . used in local dishes.

With the scent and color of the ocean everywhere, in many shades of blue. Take a dive in one of the many natural pools.


And from here beautiful views to  the islands Faial and São Jorge.


And then the silence...

Experience the energy of strength and softness of this island. Authentic and pure, silence and purity, peace and simplicity. The inhabitants say: 'Faial also is beautiful, but only to see Pico from there'.




Do you want to experience this trip? The energy and nature of this powerful island, while enjoying swimming in the ocean and spotting dolphins and whales? Would you like to experience peace, space and fresh air? Then travel with us ...