Private Retreat Your Wish



Do you need a trip for you alone? Or with someone or with your group?

It is possible to have a retreat with me for a long weekend, more days or a week. When you indicate your wishes, a trip can be composed. Meditation can be offered during the trip, coaching takes place on location and during nature walks, and energetic treatments can be experienced. And there will be a growth in your awareness process.

Moment for you


Do you need even more? Just for you..

What do you experience in your daily life, what would you like to change, what would you like to get more clear for yourself ?

In advance we will discuss in detail your wish/question, which will get attention during our trip. In addition to meditation, yoga, silent walks and coaching, energetic and therapeutic sessions can be done. You will experience a lot of awareness, new views, more energy, knowing yourself better, with the experience of positive change. All this to remind you who you really are. You will experience a positive transformation.

Energetic transformation session.


In a direct contact I will tell you more about different possibilities of the energetic and therapeutic sessions.


The price for this package depends on your travel wishes. If you want to know more about the possibilities, please contact me. Together we will make a beautiful plan and a suitable trip.






You prefer a Private complete package Retreat ?

São Miguel private retreat

Faial private retreat