Moment for you


Being connected to the nature on the island, facing inwards by meditation, feeling your body through yoga, can make you feel closer to yourself, being more connected with yourself, which can give you a tremendous enery and joy.

Or it will touch something inside you, which brings an emotion that needs attention at that moment.

Or perhaps there is something already that needs your attention, something you want to get clear for yourself..

If you feel the need to share your experiences in a personal conversation, or you feel the need of support of coaching, there will be space and time for that.



Energetic treatments

You can book treatments as mentioned below. These treatments will give you relaxation, rest, feeling more balanced in body and mind or provide clearness and awareness in your personal development. The treatments will be given in or around the house, in a place that feels good for you.

The contribution for 60 - 90 minutes: €65