Energetic Transformation Session


If you want more depth, if you want to gain insight into a question that concerns you, it is possible to have a consultation in which energetic treatment methods are used.

Through experiences, events and by focusing on things outside yourself, you may notice or feel that you are no longer 'yourself', who you really are. You have lost the connection with yourself and with your feelings.


When you focus on your inner self, where your feeling is, you can experience again how you come closer to yourself.    That is not always easy and can be accompanied by emotions that you would rather not feel. And/or that (limiting) beliefs and fears keep you from getting close to yourself. What hinders you in making (your own) decisions, following your heart, daring to live according to your deepest desires.


By having specific attention to this, healing and transformation/change can take place. Becoming aware and processing large or small traumatic experiences, often occurring in childhood, makes you feel freer, happier and more powerful.


In this way you become more and more aware of yourself, you are more and more connected to your inner knowledge and you come to insights in order to find solutions yourself. You discover what is important to you, you start living from your heart, from your soul, your source, your pure consciousness.

Different methods can be used in a transformation/awareness consultation, such as


If you want this consultation, we will discuss your question/wish in advance and see which method suits you at that time.