More about Faial

Lovely, flowery, green, irregularly round, quiet, with a length of 21 km and a width of 14 km. Full of blue hydrangeas. With in the middle the Caldeira, the volcanic crater. From there view to other islands.



Horta, the capital of Faial, from where the boat to Pico leaves. Also the place where sailors crossing the ocean stay to have a break and leave a painting in the harbour. And with the bay of Porto Pim, to take a dive in the ocean.


And then Capelinhos,the new land, created by natural disasters in the 1950s due to a volcanic eruption in the Atlantic Ocean. Lava and ash made it cling to Faial. Grey, powerful en big.


The savage  north coast and the basaltic south coast with natural baths to take a swim in the Atlantic.


And to enjoy the boattrip to visit Pico island.