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Unilateral termination of the contract for the package by the traveler leads to the traveler's obligation to compensate the travel organizer for the damage that he or she suffers as a result of the cancellation.

Damage means loss suffered and lost profit. This damage (hereinafter: the cancellation costs) amounts to at least the costs already demonstrably made by the travel organizer and at most once the travel sum.


Depending on the time of cancellation, the amount of the cancellation costs is fixed at fixed amounts or percentages of the travel amount:

  • Cancellation more than three months before departure: the amount of the deposit, which is 30% of the travel amount.
  • Cancellation at least two months but less than three months before departure: 50% of the travel amount.
  • Cancellation at least one month but less than two months before departure: 75% of the travel amount.
  • Cancellation less than a month before the planned departure: the full travel amount.

The traveler who cancels the travel agreement is obliged to pay these cancellation costs, unless he can demonstrate that the damage suffered by the travel organizer was lower. In that case the travel organizer will charge this lower damage.

The above provisions do not apply to journeys to an area for which a negative travel advice is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 30 calendar days before departure. In that situation, the travel organizer contacts the traveler to arrange a rebooking, if possible and desired.

The traveler is advised to take out cancellation insurance, which means that the cancellation costs due may be reimbursed.

However, both the risk of incomplete reimbursement by the insurer and the risk of not taking out such insurance are for the traveler.

Upon cancellation of the travel agreement by the travel organizer itself, no costs will be charged to the traveler and amounts already paid will be refunded.


The travel sum is the amount as stated for the relevant trip for which the booking has been made. The flight ticket is exclusive. In the event of cancellation of the travel agreement by the travel organizer, the amounts already paid for the travel sum will be refunded. For a refund of the flight ticket, the traveler can inquire with his/her cancellation insurance.