Meditation and Mindfulness


During these days different kinds of meditation will be offered, at the house and on the way at natureplaces. All matching with the theme and energy at that moment. Meditations like: body awarenessmeditation, breathmeditation, visualization, movemeditation, silencemeditation, yoga nidra and walking in silence. At that moment you can decide if you want to participate.


What meditation can bring you.

We are busy in our daily lives, doing what needs to be done, always in connection with the outside world. We lose contact with our inner world, with who you reallly are and what you really want. Being busy all the time in this outside world may cause you stress, health problems, sleepingproblems and more.

Meditation helps you to de-stress, to make your body and mind more relaxed and quiet. Meditation helps you to develop attention and concentration for yourself and your environment.

In this retreat different kinds of meditation will be offered. Like body awareness meditation, breathmeditation, guided visualization, silence meditation, yoga nidra and meditative walking. This all will bring you relaxation, tranquility and silence in body, mind and soul.


Health improvement

Research shows the positive effect of meditation, like reducing stress, a better mood, less obesity, better cholesterol levels, the immume system will be strengthened against diseases. You will increase your ability of self-healing.


Relaxation of the body

Meditation can help you to release tension in your body when you feel stressed. It has been proven that meditation decreases breathing rate, drops blood pressure, reduces muscletension and creating a gradual relaxation of the body.


Body awareness

Through meditation you become more aware of your body, how your body reacts to certain situations/circumstances, how your body feels and what this means to you. To find out how you want to deal with all this.


Mental relaxation

Meditation makes your mind calm down, learning to cope better with worry and recurring thoughts. By focusing your attention on what you see, hear, feel, smell or taste, makes you being more in the present, which calms your mind.



A lot of meditations are focused on improving the concentration. Your concentration will improve, when you practice regulary.


Dealing with emotions

Meditatation improves awareness of your emotions: What emotions do you feel, how is your body reacting, and how to deal with this. Because of the awareness you can give direction to your emotions, which makes you more quiet and relaxed.


In daily life meditating regulary will bring you more relaxation in body and mind.


What Mindfulness can bring you

Mindfulness means being consciously attentive to the here and now. That is not easy in our busy lives. We do a lot out of habit, on autopilot. The attention for the NOW is not there, we are busy with what has happened and what still needs to be done. Yet we also know experiences of being fully present: the breathtaking sunset, beautiful music or another intense experience. Our mind is still, we are all attention. You feel free and happy. You experience inner peace.

Mindfulness is a collection of techniques that trains you to pay attention to everything you do and think. With Mindfulness you train to be constantly aware of what is happening here and now.

During the journey, exercises are offered to experience inner peace, to be in the moment and to apply this in your daily life.