Reviews private retreats


Exactly what I needed to recharge myself. I loved absolutely everything about my stay at Azores with Carin. She is super attentive and supportive and gave me meditations according to my personal needs. We travelled around whole Faial island doing some breaks for energy practices/meditations and it was amazing and helped me a lot to reenergise. I would definitely recommend to stay at one of the Azores Islands with Carin to recharge your batteries and get back to your inner peace and balance.



Azores retreat, São Miguel. Completely exhausted, I started this 1-on-1 retreat with Carin. I had no expectations which is remarkable to me. Just like letting go and staying in the moment itself. The latter turned out to be more difficult than expected at first. But the combination of personal attention with also time for myself and walks in the beautiful nature turned out to be a perfect solution for me. Carin made me see in a clear and simple way what I didn't see. She has ensured that I can focus better, that my energy has started to flow again. That I have been able to experience beautiful and strong feelings again for ages. Feelings that I had lost for a long time. The twinkling eyes of Carin, her patience and attention in combination with the beauty AND strength of the island are highly recommended for everyone.


My stay on Terceira has done me so much good. The meditations 'slid in' as we sat outside on the beach by the ocean. Insights became clear to me because Carin asked the right questions at the right time. The overwhelming pure nature of the island, where culture and agriculture go together beautifully, has contributed to making everything just right. The hotel was fine in its simplicity. And then the friendly and helpful inhabitants. Terceira, an island just in the middle of the distant ocean; what an experience. When I got home I have a sharper image (inside and out) and the colors seem more intense. Thank you Carin, for once again guiding me with your enthusiasm and humor to experience this and to continue.


My five-day 1-on-1 retreat with Carin on Faial has brought me a lot: accepting what has been and trusting what is now. And what's to come! Carin has been a very nice supervisor of my process: professional, flexible and with the necessary humor. Together we went in depth, without it getting too heavy. All borders were well guarded, but with a skilled and gentle hand you ensured that what had to be discussed was also covered. Thanks for this, Carin. You are a special woman! cool too.



Feel grounded is the first thing that occurs to me about this wonferful retreat. It was a week that is seldom experienced otherwise. I came to the Azores to take some time out, to get to know the islands, to practice yoga and to realize what I really want. At the end of my journey I can say that my expectations have been exceeded. Carin is a wonderful personality, very attached to the islands and a great guide. Besides yoga we also made trips to the most beautiful places on the island. Carin took good care of everything.  The special feature of the retreat is definitely the deep energywork that Carin offers. She leads many meditations, gives tips on how to stay balanced and grounded in everyday life and offers personal Energetic Treatments for everyone who wants to. Carin recognizes where you have blockages, feels the energy and brings back everything into the flow with her work. Personally, I think this retreat is much more than just yoga and trips. It is a mix of excursions, being together, inspiring conversations and energywork. It is like a journey to yourself. At the end of this journey I am deeply relaxed, grounded and full of positive energy. I now know which way I want to go in life and I owe this to the unique work of Carin. Tank you for everything! I will come back and hope that  many others will have the experience of sharing a week with Carin in the Azores. It is definitely the right decision.


It was a special trip. I went on this journey in need of time for myself, to be free from home and work, to get a question clear that had been with me for a long time. Carin's guidance and coaching, the energetic session, being together and being alone in nature has brought me a lot. Like feeling more and thinking less, being less in my head, feeling space in my body and mind, more confidence in what I feel. And to know more about myself, and how to handle my question. Feeling relieved. And this on a beautiful island. In addition of being together, there was enough space for myself. I can recommend this trip for anyone who needs 'time for themselves'. A Fantastic experience ! 


If you want to make a present for yourself, have this wonderful retreat! You will get deep in contact with this amazing nature and yourself. We spent extraordinary beautiful days with Carin, with deepfeeling meditations in the garden and in amazing places on the island. We had Yoga together and made stunning trips with Carin. She is an absolute great and warmful person. Thank you for this great experience! We will defenitely come back. The next time with our baby, which already enjoyed the special vibes in the stomach.